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Welcome to Ophthalmic Instruments by Rhein Medical

Eye Instruments is our business! Thanks for your interest in our line of Hand Held Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments.
DEDICATION to being a worldwide leader in surgical instrumentation, our huge selection of instruments for ophthalmic, as well as for plastic surgery procedures makes our commitment to our customers second to none.
At Rhein Medical, PEOPLE answer the phone not machines. When you call us during our normal business hours, you will reach a responsive customer service professional, not an electronic routing system. Our customer service is familiar with many ophthalmic instruments for anterior segment procedures and COMMUNICATION with the surgeon is about making it as easy as possible to select the most appropriate instruments for the operating room.
EDUCATING the surgeon, with up-to-date information and instruction, with our product videos that show how to use the instruments in the operating setting under the scope is part of our commitment.
Call us today, in the U.S.A.: 800-637-4346. Orders or questions may also be presented by facsimile: 727-341-8123, or by email: [email protected] INTERNATIONAL CALLS may be placed by calling our main telephone number: 727-209-2244. Please do not hesitate to CHAT WITH US ONLINE!

You may also place your questions and orders through our international DISTRIBUTION system, see Distributors under the Company menu.

Again, Thank You For Your Interest In Rhein Medical.