QUALITY: We are one of the very few ophthalmic companies in our industry that directly controls its own manufacturing. We own and operate two manufacturing plants, and are committed to producing and consistently offering only the highest quality products that carry an unconditional lifetime guarantee*. We are devoted to offering the highest degree of customer service in the industry, while continuing our instrument development efforts to ELEVATE THE QUALITY OF CARE IN OPHTHALMOLOGY. We offer to all surgeons the opportunity to evaluate our products in surgery without obligation. All Rhein Medical products meet or exceed the requirements established in the European Union and the FDA, and Rhein Medical has passed all U.S. and European regulations and requirements to market its products throughout the world. This is your assurance of the highest in product quality. Rhein Medical is GMP compliant, and ISO certified.

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DEDICATION: Rhein Medical is a worldwide leader in surgical instrumentation. We are dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, and distribution of unique, innovative and specialized hand-held ophthalmic surgical instruments of the highest quality.

SELECTION: Rhein Medical produces Surgical Instruments for ophthalmic procedures, as well as for plastic surgery. Our selection is second to none, and we offer literally thousands of different products to help fill your exact needs. Whether you require stainless steel or titanium, left- or right-handed orientation, LASEK or LASIK, Rhein Medical has what you need. You can easily search our online catalog for the product that is right for you.

EDUCATION: Rhein Medical knows that having the right Surgical Instruments is only half the battle…you also need up-to-date information and instruction. Rhein Medical offers exacting product specifications, so you know what you’re ordering, and also has a vast library of instructional demonstration videos that you can view online at anytime!

COMMUNICATION: Rhein Medical takes pride in our exemplary customer service, and is always available to answer any questions that you might have in regard to any of our products. Whether you want to know more about our lifetime guarantee, or would like help in deciding which product is right for you, Rhein’s customer service team is there to assist you!

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