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08-10144: Folden Femto Double-Ended Dissector

Folden Femto Double-Ended Dissector, Video

Femto-Created Incision Woes Solved(Article)

The Folden Femto Dissector Is A Single Instrument Designed For Smooth

Opening Of All Femtosecond Laser – Created Corneal Incisions During

Cataract Surgery. The Double-Ended Instrument Measures 0.7mm At One

End, And 1.2mm At The Other.

The Polished, Semi-Blunted Leading Tip Allows For “Scoring” Of The

Epithelium And Provides Easy, Glided Entry Into The Femtosecond

Laser – Created Corneal Incision. The Unique Sharp Edge Design

Cleanly Separates Residual Tissue Bridges And Stromal Adhesions

That Provide Resistance To Entry Using Standard Instruments

  • Clear Corneal Incisions (CCIS): The 1.2mm End Provides EasyEntry Into Standard Small Incisions As Well As Sub-2.0mmMicro-Incisions. The 0.7mm End Provides Ample Clearance

    For Entry Into The Paracentesis.

  • Arcuate Incisions (AIS): Arcuate Incisions For Astigmatism AreOpened Quickly And Cleanly Down To Their Base Without RiskOf Perforation.
  • The Polished Semi-Blunted Leading Tip Glides SmoothlyAlong The Base Of The Arcuate Incision, While The SharpEdge Provides Smooth Opening Of Stromal Tissue Bridges

    And Maintains Clean Epithelial Edges.

  • Fewer Surface Abrasions Result In Less Foreign BodySensation And Improved Patient Comfort Postoperatively.


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