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05-2363: Seibel Capsulorrhexis Cystotome Forceps

  • Unique Viewport Allows Anterior View Through The
    Tips To See Exactly Where The Jaws Are Grasping.
    Ideal For Both Capsule &Other Intra-Ocular
  • Smoothly Etched Markings¬†¬† On Anterior Surface
    Of Shaft Provide Full & Half Millimeters On Shaft
    To Help Neutralize Corneal Magnification By Measuring
    At The Capsule Plane.
  • Blunt Tips & Mirror Polished Shaft For Maximum Safety.
  • Low Actuation Handle Pressure For Optimum Ergonomic
  • Micro-Coaxial Design Ideal For Maintaining Chamber
    Stability & Visualization In Small Phaco Incisions As
    Compared To Conventional Forceps.