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08-04415 Iris Expander Manipulator

The Modified Lester Hook Is Inserted Into The Holes And Used To Position The Corners Of The Expander Into The Iris. Start With One Proximal Corner And Tuck The Expander Into The Iris Margin. Continue With Each Corner Sequentially, Proximal-Proximal-Distal-Distal. Alternatively, Place One Proximal Corner, Then Place The Opposing Distal Corner. Repeat These Steps To Position The Remaining Corners.

For Removal:

The Collar Button Is Used To Remove The Expander. Start By Placing The Button On The Proximal Center Cross Bar And Push Forward And Upward To Release Both Proximal Corners Of The Expander. Finish By Slipping The Button Under The Proximal Cross Bar And Retract The Expander Out Of The Incision.

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