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05-7003 Johnson Flap Applanator, a LASIK/LASEK Surgical Device


This is a LASIK surgical device, designed To Apply Equal Outward Posterior Pressure To The LASIK Flap For Even Egress Of Fluid To Consistently Enhance The Seating & Healing Of The Flap To The Stromal Bed. Also, Designed To Apply Posterior Pressure To Ephthelial Cells During LASEK For More Even Distribution Of Cells.

Special Concave Posterior Lens Surface Designed To Be Pressed Onto The LASIK Flap To Outwardly Flatten The Central Cornea To Resolve Striae, Enhancing Centration And Control Over The Distribution Of Applanated Tissue.

Unique Transparent Applanation Lens Offers Clear Visualization Allowing Full View Of The Applanated Surface Through A Microscope. Special Convex Anterior Lens Surface Eliminates Reflection, And Has A 9mm Orientation Ring For Perfect Centration And Confirmation Of The Applanated Surface.

Easily Applied To The Flap Without Interference From The Speculum, Eyelids, Or Nasal Bridge For Unencumbered Access Around The Clock. Designed To Prevent Striae With A Minimum Of Time & Surgical Skill.

Ideal For Treating Post-Operative Striae, And Refloating & Repositioning The Flap To Insure Consistent Post-Operative Optical Clarity And Performance.

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