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Phaco Set

05-2221 Castroviejo, Straight, 1×2 Teeth, .3mm, With Plat.
05-2338-R Rhein III Foldable Lens Loader-Titanium
05-2351 Koch-Salz Nucleus
08-01102 Kelman/McPherson,
Angled 8mm Tying Plat.
08-01114 Tennant Tying Forceps, Straight 6mm Tying Plat.
08-01220 Colibri Utility, .12mm, X-Delicate
08-01224 Pierse Colibri, .1mm Teeth
08-01239 Thorpe Corneal Forceps, 2×3 Teeth
08-01299 Troutman Superior Rectus Forceps
08-01315 Blaydes Lens Insertion Forceps
08-02117 Barraquer Delicate, Curved w/o Lock, 11.5cm, Stain.
08-03106 Stevens Long Blades, Straight Blunt Points
08-03108 Stevens Long Blades, Curved Blunt Points
08-03113 Westcott Tenotomy Scissors, Right, Blunt Tips, Med.
08-03415 Barraquer Iris Scissors, Blunt, 7mm Blades
08-03501 Gills/Vannas X-Thin
7mm Sharp Blades, Straight
08-04216 Sinskey Hook, 0.25mm Angled Round
08-04228 Kuglen Iris Hook and Lens Manipulator, Straight
08-04229 Kuglen Iris Hook and Lens Manipulator, Angled
08-04233 Fenzl Lens Hook, .15mm, Straight w/Guard
08-04310 Bechert Nucleus Rotator, Angled
08-07114 Connor Wand, Straight
08-07129 Barraquer Cyclodialysis Spatula, .5mm Dia Round
08-07137 Paton Double Ended Corneal Spatula & Spoon
08-08105 Kratz/Barraquer Wire Speculum, Adult, Temp. Fit
08-08157-S Lieberman Open Wire 14mm, Kratz Style Speculum
08-10126 Tooke Knife 4-1/2″, 2.5 x 15mm
08-12101 Castroviejo Caliper, Straight
08-12105 Flexible Stainless Ruler, 6 Inch x 1/2 Inch
08-15218 Fine/Thornton II Ring 13mm w/11mm Opening
91-7035 Bishop-Harmon Cannula, 19g, 7mm Tip, 24mm
91-7045 Troutman Alpha-Chymotrypsin Cannula, 25g, 28mm
91-7060 Simcoe Double Barreled I&A Reverse Cannula, 23g
91-7105 Graether Collar Button, 23g, Angled
91-7106 Graether Collar Button, 23g, Straight
91-8032 Chang 27g Hydrodissection Cannula, Short 90 Degree
91-8032-L Chang 27g Hydrodissection Cannula, Long 90 Degree
92M3K 10cm Round Handle
99-IH90100 Universal Handle (All Other Than United Surgical)
99-IH90301 Straight I&A Tip w/0.3mm Aspiration Port
99-IH90303 45 Degree Angled I&A Tip w/0.3mm Port
99-IH90304 90 Degree Angled I&A Tip w/0.3mm Port
99-IH90306 Binkhorst 180 Degree
I&A Tip w/0.3mm Port