Utrata Foldable Lens Cutter Video

Designed To Safely And Easily Cut & Remove Silicone Foldable Lenses
Through A Small Incision Without Having To Enlarge The Incision

The Cutter Is Designed To Be Inserted Through A Small Incision, And
The Snare Wire Is Looped Around The Silicone Lens And Retracted To
Slice A Foldable Lens Into Two Or More Pieces.

Once The Lens Is Sliced, The Retrieval Forceps Is Inserted To Grasp And
Remove The Lens Pieces, Without Having To Enlarge The Small Incision.

The Forceps Has A Small Pin In The Platforms To Grasp The Lens Firmly.
Ideal For Explanting Foldable Lenses Which Are Damaged, The Wrong
Diopter Power, Or Need To Be Exchanged.

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